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Organization for Social and Cultural Awareness (OSCA) is a social and cultural movement as it is visible by its name. Music is a powerful medium of communication. By adopting music as a medium of communication OSCA is trying to fulfill its aims and objectives.

Apart from instilling the devotional feeling of Indian culture and traditional value in young generation, this organization is trying to instill the feeling of selfless service in young generation. By organizing classical music program, blood donation camp, eye donation camp, it will encourage people to take an active part in this scared and yeoman service towards society without any selfish motive. This organization is determined to perform its service for the welfare of society and for cultural enhancement. OSCA will provide a better platform for local and foreign people, who are curious to know intimately about Indian culture, music and social values.

As we know that only those people who are endured with social and cultural awareness and who are enlightened can perform their cultural and social service honestly and sincerely. Only those who are aware of their duties and responsibilities towards society can perform yeoman service in better way. After performing these social responsibilities a person becomes healthy individual, and can construct a concrete road for others to work for whole community on national and international level.

In this way he can prove his existence fruitful. Music can become an effective method medium to fulfill these aims. Songs of social awareness, songs of national love, spiritual songs of cultural spirit, spiritual songs and psychological songs bring enlightenment and new spirit in children, youth and soldiers through the medium of music, these songs are contributing to achieve these expected goals.

While considering the music-communication as an effective medium OSCA is working on the following prominent fields;

  1. Cultural and Social enlightenment

  2. Spiritual and psychological analysis

  3. National and International unity.

Through medium of arts OSCA is trying to create an attraction in human’s heart towards cultural tradition. Rich cultural tradition indicates prosperity and development of any country. Rituals, fest, festivals, fairs and music program in different functions are integral part of Indian cultural tradition. They are symbol of sacred occasion. They are also effective medium of merry-making. It is main reason that music has been considered as the spirit of a nation. Music has intimate relationship with literature, which is complimentary on each other and which can play a vital role in the development of a country. Communicating power of music has been variously experimented in different ages, when our society was chained by conservative ideas, superstitions and unhealthy rituals, and the gulf of discrimination and hostility on the name of religion, caste and creed was widening, a religious bhakti movement started to eradicate social evils. It taught the teaching of social unity, humanity and brotherhood, soon it was spread in whole north India. This bhakti movement proved successful and powerful in eradicating these social evils caused by political circumstances in India. The religious movement played a vital role in reforming the society. It brought enlightenment among the people and instilled a new spirit of optimistic thought in society. The hymns, pious songs and fascinating personality of Lord Krishna as well as spiritual love romance of Radha Krishna also bought celestial and divine purity among the worshipers. In this way through these mediums music has become a source of moral teachings for the humanity from the point of view a talented musician or a worshiper of music it becomes a yoga and releases his soul by accepting spiritual and psychological elements of music. In addition to this, it plays an important role in bringing moral enlightenment among people in society.

Thus music based on general communication, message giving ideas, spiritual and psychological aspects can establish discipline in society. This discipline can spontaneously be revealed only through the art of creativity and artistic creativity. To achieve all these aims OSCA by making art as a medium has started its journey. For leaps and bounds progress of this journey OSCA requests each section of society to support it. A drastic change in society is possible only when there will be drastic change from individual to individual.